Friday, September 9, 2011

Shake That Fanny

Look at Morena's face. She's looking across the street at the woman on line in the bank with a fanny pack on. Yep, that's what I said: FANNY PACK! Morena's like "Oh no she didn't with that fanny pack". It's a zebra design, with keys hanging off to one side. Let's not discuss the rest of the outfit. Morena said "Girl, google Fanny Pack and see what comes up." Ready kids? Don't try this at home:


* You're a Loser Pack
* Weird Al Pack
* Belt Pack
* Belly Pack
* Buffalo Pouch
* Hip Sack
* Waist Bag
* Bum Bag (U.K.)
* Cangurera (Mexico)
* Banano
* Moon Bag

Wikipedia says: The handiness and ease of opening of fanny packs has also resulted in them being used as holsters for handguns.

The reason people carry handguns in a fanny pack? So that when they realize they're wearing one, they can shoot themselves.