Friday, June 3, 2011

Ramona's Magical Dress

One night Ramona couldn't sleep. She tried and tried, but Joey bear and Dee Dee Elephant pinched her nose. They were her favorite stuffed animals, but she was trying to sleep.
"Joey and Dee Dee stop it right now!" Ramona shouted. "You will wake Mommy and she will be very mad. She has so much work to do in the store tomorrow. There is going to be a big ball with princes and princesses, and they are all going to get their gowns at Mama's store."
Joey Bear's button eyes got wide "But Ramona" he said, "what will you wear?"
"Yes Ramona" Dee Dee Elephant chimed, "what will you ever wear? All of your pretty dresses have spit on them"
Ramona burped. Then she thought. Then she burped again. Then she laughed.
"I have an idea!" she smiled a toothless grin, "we will go through the vintage box of baby clothes Mama has in the basement. She is supposed to bring it to the store tomorrow before the ball, but I will find something beautiful and put it aside, and try not to pee on it."
Joey Bear and Dee Dee Elephant grinned. They LOVED Ramona's adventures.
She strapped on her guitar pillow and shouted "Hey, Oh, Let's Go!" With no hesitation, Joey Bear and Dee Dee Elephant were close behind.
They slid down banisters to the basement and played pirate games. They jumped on the clean laundry and bounced on Papa's stomach. He had fallen asleep watching television. They sang and laughed, and just before dawn, Joey Bear picked out a sweet pink dress with tiny doves flying around it. Dee Dee Elephant found ruffled panties that said "MOM" with a blue sewn in heart.
"Oh guys, you're the best! Mama will love it! And Papa will say I look like a princess and give me hugs and kisses!"
With that, they headed upstairs, fighting off imaginary dragons. Back in the crib, Ramona was so sleepy, she fell fast asleep, even though Joey Bear and Dee Dee Elephant were still pinching her nose.