Thursday, March 8, 2012


It was spring again. Tom Waits seemed to always be playing on the jukebox and the gals at Odd Twin giggled behind the counter as they tried on the new vintage cat-eye glasses and Easter bonnets. Elizabeth Butters contemplated her new spring wardrobe. Maybe the 1940's dupioni dress would be a good choice for her upcoming dinner events. "I need a cocktail" she thought.
Just then, Deaf Dave appeared at the window staring longingly at Helga the gorgeous Russian mannequin. "Helga", he whispered "Helga my love, I've come back!"
"Ummm..." Elizabeth spoke, "excuse me, creepy man talking to a statue, can I help you find anything today?"
Dave stepped into the store, gray wisps of his hair flying in the warm spring breeze.
"It's Helga" Dave wept. "I have to have her...I must! She will be mine!!"
"Ok," Elizabeth said, "just so you know we're having an end of winter sale, so everything is 20 percent off on the winter items"
"What about Helga?" Dave asked, "how much is Helga?"
Elizabeth fixed her lipstick in the mirror and said, "Helga's not for sale creepy man. She's not a winter item."
Deaf Dave beat the counter with his fists, and Elizabeth put him in the last dressing room and forced him to try on womens shoes (which were also 20 percent off).