Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fly Boy and Odd Twin

     Odd Twin was chillin' on the corner of 5th and Degraw when Fly Kid From Brooklyn swung by. "Yo Ma, waddup?" Fly Kid sang, "That's a nice skirt you're wearin'...very 1950's...wanna go dancin' with me?" Odd Twin wasn't trying to be rude, she just hadn't noticed Fly Kid. She was too busy looking through a vintage Playboy article entitled:
"Horsing Them in with Hemingway". She loved the way the 1965 Playboy issue seemed so classy. She longed to be one of those women in the ads who say things like "The only trouble with a lounging outfit like this is that I hardly ever get a chance to lounge in it." Fly Kid looked away. He just wasn't sixties enough for her. He knew, he knew deep down that with his 1980's b-boy sunglasses and his gold name-plated earrings, they would never work. Finally, Odd Twin looked up. "Oh, hey Fly Kid from Brooklyn! Nice sneaks...I like your lightning laces..." Fly Kid's frown lilted up into a smile. Maybe, just maybe, if he grew out a thin mustache, slapped on a tie-clip and a pair of tight faded Levi's they could walk hand in hand through a Playboy paradise. Just then, Odd Twin's fake eyelash blew away in the breeze and she batted a green eye Fly Boy's way. Oh Thursday's in Brooklyn were simply their favorite days.

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