Saturday, November 26, 2011

Can We Please Talk About Hats and White Horses

Dear Bianca Jagger,
       I love you and your off the hook hats. Why are you so crazy? Also, can you come to my house on New Years riding a white horse just the way you did in 1977? That was freakin' awesome. So here's why I'm writing you this letter. Odd Twin has hats, and lots of them. I feel like you're missing out. I mean, the one that you're wearing on your head in this picture is obviously ridiculously marvelous, but it also looks like Ozzy Osbourne freaked out and threw a wild dove at your face after biting off its head. So, I really think you should come by. We've got a new selection of 1960's turban hats, 1950's feather hats, real and faux fur hats (because I know you love your animals), and a 1940's wide-brim sun hat that's waiting for you. I mean, why are you not shopping vintage these days? Bianca Jagger get your gorgeous ass in here.

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