Friday, February 3, 2012

Bustin' Out With Mariah

     It was a 65 degree winter in Park Slope and Irene, the newest store mannequin was livid. Mathew had dressed her in a white cashmere coat from the 1950's, blue stockings, a wool circle skirt and a silk 1940's blouse. The sun beat down on her and her wig frizzed. All of a sudden, in the distance, she saw it: A silhouette of fake boobs, a tight mini dress and big hair. "Could it be?" Irene gasped..."Is it really her?" All the mannequins looked up the block as a cool breeze began to blow and the door chimes chimed. All of a sudden, in the middle of Odd Twin stood the Goddess of Goddesses herself: Mariah Carey. Irene pulled her stockings up and froze into position.
     Georgi was working the counter that day and had been a Mariah Carey fan since infancy. In sixth grade she had memorized the words to "Emotions" and dreamed of having big hair.
      "hhh....hhhh....hello" Georgi said trying desperately to sound normal. "hhh...hhh...hhhhow can I help you today?"
      "Hey girl," Mariah said, "I remember you."
      "You do?" asked Georgi "but how?"
      "You used to sing to my poster girl...I'm Mariah Carey...I know everything, but what I don't know is where I can find a lace tablecloth that's vintage"
      "OMG Mariah! You've come to the right place! I have just the thing!!!" Georgi ran to the back of the store and pulled out three long lace tablecloths. Mariah quickly took all her clothes off and wrapped one around herself.
       "This is soooo perfect!" she screeched and pulled out a diamond necklace to place around Georgi's neck.
        After leaving Odd Twin, Irene let our a scream...Mariah had hit a high note and all the windows had broken. Come into Odd Twin, where we love Mariah.

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