Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Morning After

Odd Twin has some questions for you:

1) What are you wearing?
2) What's your favorite movie?
3) What awesome stuff did you do on Valentine's Day?

Here are some of the answers to our own questions which, we'd really like to share with you:

Odd Twin is wearing vintage, as always....what specifically, you ask, you dirty bird? Well, we had to have the lingerie dry cleaned (don't ask) so today we're taking it easy. We're in a 1960's velvet and satin smoking jacket and 1950's plaid pajamas. We're also holding onto some old Playboys. In the ladies department we're rocking 80's high-waisted jeans  and a 1940's black corset which we can't get off because our hands are full of roses, chocolates and Whitney Houston CD's. Our favorite movie is The Goonies because we know about three things: friendship, adventure and creepy looking older men with Superman t-shirts who scream a lot. What did we do on Valentine's Day? We can't remember, but we woke up with fishnet stockings on our face and raw fish in our 1970's handbags, which could only mean one thing: It was awesome! We hope you had a day filled with love and we await your return with open arms and vintage board games...come on in soon so we can get our Brooklyn vintage on together. Kisses xoxoxo

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